You can download the general instructions (handed out in class, 1/17) for uploading your assignments into the class blog and map here.

You can reach the webform for mapping your sites here.

Since you're required to post images online, we would like you to think a bit about how to use images created by others responsibly. One helpful resource is Creative Commons.

The Stanley Fish essay on How to Write a Sentence, about which we spoke in class March 14, can be reached here.


This semester we will be working with Jim Gwin, Head of Collections Development at Boatwright Library on information literacy. He has created a handy web page for you to use in this course. You are required to complete the web tutorial on information literacy and academic integrity about which he spoke in January.

Field Trips

For our guided tour of the city January 15, We will meet outside Maryland Hall, (parking lot R10 on the Campus Map) at 10am.

We will return to the same spot by 2pm.

You are welcome to visit your site during the semester apart from our scheduled field trip, though this is not required. Please coordinate these visits or trips to our city's fantastic libraries or archives with Mr. Nesbit. When we cannot provide transportation, we recommend traveling off campus by carpooling in groups of two, three, or four during daylight hours. Always bring your UR identification in addition to another form of photo ID.


We recommend following guidelines posted by the University police.

The Campus Police emergency number is (804) 289-8911. Program this number into your phones in case of an emergency. If you are off campus and have an emergency, call 911. Also include an emergency contact-such as a parent or guardian-in your cell phone address book, listed under “ICE” (In Case of Emergency).

The Bonner Center for Civic Engagement has also listed helpful tips for traveling off-campus.

As we mentioned above, we recommend traveling off campus in groups of two, three, or four during daylight hours.

Our Partners

On Campus:

Digital Scholarship Lab
Bonner Center for Civic Engagement
First-Year Seminar Program
Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology

In Richmond:

The Valentine Richmond History Center
T. Tyler Potterfield, Preservation Planner, City of Richmond